David Barker Maltby Film Photogrpahy Award - Dre Nnamdi


Summer 2016 I took it upon my self to learn a new skill. It was one of those times where I constantly kept telling my self I need to go out and create more, collaborate more and just immerse my self in anything art related. I came across NIA Centre for the Arts Film Photography program at the Gallery 44 through a good friend, so why not ry it out?. I became part of this amazing, vibrant and talented group of photographers who took part in this wonderful program. After a one month commitment, we were asked to showcase our works. And you know one thing I’m usually scared of showcasing my work, and sometimes I don’t know or understand why, but I did it, i stopped being shy for once and just did it.  Little to my surprise, Never (h)Expered (h)it (if your Nigerian you'l know where i got that from) I was granted the David Maltby Award, and boy did that feel so so… damn good. Till this day I’m forever grateful to the organizers of this program, for believing in all of us, and also VERY grateful to my shy self for taking that leap of faith.


Moral of this Story: Trust your guts and.. Just Do It!

Check out some of those photos here